How To Get a Building Permit in New York City

Getting a building permit in New York City (NYC) Department of Buildings (DOB) may seem bewildering, after all, the city has a huge job to make sure buildings are safe and built with the public interest in mind. The NYC DOB has a website that describes the process, but the website is huge and the jargon and language doesn’t translate so easily, so what’s the next step? Perhaps getting some help from a professional would help.

Architects are a good place to start if you need a permit. Find one who has worked on the problems you want solved. I want a permit to update an apartment in a high rise is different than updating a single family residence.  Architects can deal with the following permit requirements:

Dealing with building code violations

Complying with building codes

Getting building plans approved

Getting landmark approvals

Dealing with sign offs

Get Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Occupancy

Architects work closely with expeditors to obtain permits from the NYC DOB. Expeditors take directions from the architect to get plans approved, get permits, remove violations and other tasks required to facilitate the process of keeping our building safe.

While the process of finding an architect may seem intimidating for some, doing a renovation or update according to the building codes of the city can reduce worries about whether the job has been done well. The complexities of city living have generated significant challenges for city government. These challenges for the city-how to keep people safe from climate dangers, enviromental problems, traffic, construction work, fires and other challenges-translate into requirements for the way contractors make buildings.

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